Sound Space Project #1

Taichung Shiyakusho
Taichung, Taiwan
selected group exhibition  2016
curators: Ke-Fung Liou, Tien Ling

Perceptions are the most primitive resource of human experience. We comprehend the features of a space with our bodies. Among this concept, the space constructed by auditory sense is dynamic because of its character of time. We are not able to tell the border immediately, instead, we gradually perceive the volume. The connected sources of sound formed the shape of the space. This project intended to emphasize the relationship between human body and the environment.
“Sound Space Project #1” was my first on-site sound-related piece. This piece was composed of 16 vertical elements, each of them includes three boxes that string together linearly, in order to create an array “cube”. In total there were 48 black boxes, but only 11 of the boxes were making sounds. The low-tech sound sources were composed by vibrating motors hitting tiny metal elements. Opposite to the matrix cubes, they were arranged circularly as a “sound ring”. The independent variables were the directions and the distance of sounds. In this case, the visitors were not able to tell the shape of sound visually but only when they walk in, they can “hear” the shape of the space.