Citizens’ Forum

Campaign Headquarter of Legislator Tzu-Yung Hung

Taichung, Taiwan Installation and Interior Designer, 2015
Team:Hsin-Wen Pong, Wei-Ting Liu, Te-Hsin Lu

Nowadays, citizen participation has gradually become the political trend among the youngsters in Taiwan. This project was an interior and installation design for Legislator Tzu-Yung Hung’s campaign headquarter in 2015. The main concept was to create a free forum, where the public could actively participate in the political issues.

Legislator Tzu-Yung Hung is a young politician who was first elected in 2016. She is known for her background in student movements and social movements. She is a member of the New Power Party, which advocates for universal human rights, civil and political liberties. Her political concern was social welfare and wanted a headquarter where constituencies could easily access.

We designed an installation that composed of used windows to symbolized the transparency principle of the candidate and the view of the public. Different angles of the windows created multi uses, such as desks, shelves, and billboards. The original doors and ceiling were removed to create an open atmosphere. Residents in the area could enter this forum easily, talk to the staffs, and even post their opinions on the windows.  Due to the budget shortage, all the furniture were reused from eliminated high school furniture. This move was also to create the academic atmosphere of the idea of “Citizens’ School of Democracy”.