Poetic Dwelling for Elders

Taichung, Taiwan
Department of Architecture, Tunghai University 2014
Advisor: Kwo-Wei Chiu
Team: Hsin-Wen Pong

Full of merit, yet poetically Humans dwell upon the earth.
- Johann Christian Friedrich Hölderlin
Dichterisch wohnet der Mensch


Shi-Kang is the district with most serious aging-population-problem in Taichung. Through this project, we did a detailed investigation of the site.
In this agriculture-based town, water and land cannot be separated from the daily life of the residents.

This project uses the original trail nearby the aqueduct, and is largely designed based on the daily life of the residents, which includes their cultivate, social, and leisure activities, with ecological engineering methods. By taking these aspects of their lives into account, we try to create a sustainable living area for the elders.

sequence concept

ecological engineering methods based on the Velocity of flow