Tunghai Architecture Department Annual Publication

Publication Editor, 2016
Team: Hsin-Wen Pong, Te-Hsin Lu, Yun-Chi Huang

Copublished by Tunghai Architecture Department and Garden City Publisher

“99” is the Tunghai Architecture Department’s annual compendium of graduate student works. This year we decided to make it into a continuous 50-meter long folded book.
In 2015, after the thesis review, we held an exhibition which was different from any graduation exhibition ever held in Taiwan. The venue was a four-storey former bank which has been abandoned for 20 years. It was a big challenge since we were lack of time and under-financed. At the end, we turned a ruin into a remarkable exhibition. This exhibition not only displayed the individual projects of all the 25 people but also brought the crowd back to the old Taichung City Center. We saw this exhibition as the closure of the five-year education, but also the beginning of our practice life. This book was a publication that remark on this milestone.

Since it is a book that formed by one 50-meter long paper, there are only two sides of this book. One of them is a document of exhibition images presented in chronological order, while the other side introduced the piece of each student.The book launch party was held as an exhibition as well. One book unfolded and hang in a spiral. Visitors could have the special experience of reading the whole book continuously in the exhibition.