City Soundscapes

An Acoustic Perceptual Space of‭ ‬TAIPEI

Taipei, Taiwan
Department of Architecture, Tunghai University 2015
Advisor: Chao-Hsien Yeh


Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei is the flood flowing zone of  Keeling River during flood season. Because of the daily tidal variation, water status is the main influence on users.
"Pitch Pavilion" was designed as a kinetic dock for sightseeing ferries on Keelung River. The playful installation was transformed from the piano action mechanism. Users could interact with the installation by stepping on the boards those were designed to function like piano keys. By doing so, they translate the depression of the keys into rapid motion of a hammer, which creates sound by striking the strings.  When the water status changes,  the instrument device is triggered from the bottom, where several water level balls were set, and it would change the pitch by remaking the tension of strings.
The soundscape of this pavilion was composed by the users, sound of the aircrafts from the airport nearby, and the environmental characters such as water level, the amount of rainfall, etc. This riverside park is also a popular place where citizens go on their leisure time. The sound of activities like biking, skating, even music festivals is part of the soundscape.